2023 Schedule

January 11-15 Desert Circuit Wk 2 (Thermal, CA)

January 16-22 Desert Circuit Wk 3 (Thermal, CA)

February 13-10 Tucson Winter Classic Wk 2 (Pima County Fairgrounds)

February 20-26 Tucson Winter Classic Wk 3 (Pima County Fairgrounds)

February 29- March 5 Desert Circuit Wk 7 (Thermal, CA)

March 8- March 12 Desert Circuit Wk 8 (Thermal, CA)

April 1/2 Freedom Run Schooling Show (Pima County Fairgrounds)

April 19-23 Temecula Spring 1 (Temecula, CA)

April 26-30 Temecula Spring 2 (Temecula, CA)


May 8-12 San Juan Capistrano International (San Juan Capistrano, CA)

May 16-20 Blenheim Surf N Turf (San Juan Capistrano, CA) 

July 5- July 9 Summer In The Rockies 4 (Parker, CO)

July 12-16 Summer In The Rockies 5 (Parker, CO)

July 19-23 Summer In The Rockies 6 (Parker, CO)

August 23-27 Del Mar Summer Classic 1 Showpark (Del Mar, CA)

August 9-13 Del Mar Summer Classic 2 (Del Mar, CA)

September 13-17 Blenheim Fall Tournament (San Juan Capistrano, CA)

September 20-24 International Jumping Festival (San Juan Capistrano, CA)

October 4-8 Temecula Fall I

October 11-15 Temecula Fall II

November Tucson and/or Thermal

November 13-19 Las Vegas National

Ashbrook actively attends rated horse shows throughout the Western United States including HITS Arizona, HITS Thermal, Del Mar, The Oaks, Scottsdale, Parker and Estes Park, Colorado, and, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Tucson. We also participate in unrated local shows and clinics.